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On display for May and June. Come meet the artist in person at the Minden Opera House Gallery Reception on June 3rd from 5:00 – 7:00.  Refreshments will be provided. Event is FREE and open to the public.

Artist’s Statement 


Metal sculpture is labor intensive & process oriented — you gotta love your process! As the creativity flows through my mind and body and comes out my hands — the results are limited only by my imagination and what I can physically manipulate.

I find the process of cutting, welding and pounding metal very satisfying and therapeutic, even though it is not your typical medium for a female artist! Free-hand cutting with a plasma cutter is like drawing with fire! With cutting temperatures reaching 25,000°F, the lines are smooth, playful and accurate. I love the free-flowing creative rhythm, the feel of the plasma cutter in my gloved hand — the sizzling sound, all the sparks flying and the metal parting… what a rush!

I want my art to convey the fact that I do enjoy my work and that I have fun with it and at it!